4 Ways to add a Pop of Colour to Your Wooden Shutters in Each Room

Add colour to your wooden shutters

Over the last few years, people have become more sensitive and in tune with their surroundings – particularly their home interiors. Is it because the world asks us to be intuitive to style, colours and textures? Is it television and access to more information about interior design and décor? Or are we just spending more and more time in our home spaces that we begin to care a lot about the flow or the room or the colour and feel the room exudes? Many factors influence the answers to these questions. More importantly where do you start, when wanting to change and improve your living spaces? We would suggest colours and fixtures, mainly wooden shutters and how to incorporate colour to your wooden shutters.

Each room needs to exude a different feeling and emotion. Based on this you would decide what colour wooden shutters would suit the space and ultimately give the desired effect and emotion.

Here are four away to add a pop of colour to your wooden shutters in each room.

  1. A light and open living room – White or Grey Wooden Shutters

We start with the living room as this is a common area, the meeting place of your home. This is where stories are told, and memories are made. Having white or grey wooden shutters will give the feeling this space is bigger than it is, and it will be more inviting. Grey wooden shutters are very trendy and chic. With your wooden shutters in grey or white, it will create an excellent base for the rest of your colour palette. They are easy to match and work with.

  1. Deep and moody study – Dark Gradient Wooden Shutters

The study is a cosy space, where one wants to be alone with your thoughts and a book. Here you want to create a tranquil and warm feeling. A dark wooden shutter finish will create this moody and thoughtful atmosphere you need in a study, as well as tranquillity.

  1. Playful and blissful kids’ playroom – Pink, Yellow, Blue or Red Wooden Shutters

When it comes to your kids’ bedroom or playroom, throw out the rule book for just a while. You want this space to be playful and mentally stimulating. This will be the space where they play, create, learn and have fun. Therefore, the main interior design theme is to match up that enthusiasm with the vibrant nature that a child has. Going for a bright colour for these wooden shutters against a white wall will create that inviting playful feeling needed for a kids room/play area.

  1. Tranquil and peaceful master bedroom – Pale Yellow or Pale Blue Wooden Shutters

Imagine coming home after a long day and going to rest in a dark space? What you want from your bedroom space is peace and tranquillity. Having pale yellow or blue wooden shutters creates that air of rest and peace which is much needed after a long working day. Having darker accents in the floor or wardrobes will complement the calm and warmth of the soft wooden shutters. Dark wood finishes can also work as this could add a certain masculine feeling to the room.

Colour can create emotion and feeling in any space. Selecting wooden shutters is an excellent way of making a statement with colour and function. This also makes the feature more versatile, as you can repaint these wooden shutters to another colour when needed.