Aluminium Louvres Love: Mad about Shutters

Red roses in front of aluminium louvre shutters

Aluminium louvres may not be the first thing that comes to mind with you think of love. But we’ve always been head-over-heels for our Decorative Aluminium Shutters. And we’re convinced they’re the most romantic window treatment on the planet. 

How exactly do we love shutters? Let us count the ways…


  • Louvres are luxurious

Woman opening curtains to gaze at shuttersShutters are, without a doubt, the most luxurious window treatments available. Yes, they cost more than blinds or curtains. But the way they transform a room is priceless.

They’re a popular window treatment for high-end residential properties. That’s why you always see them splashed across the pages of those glossy home decor magazines.

And who doesn’t love a little luxury? Our sleek aluminium louvred shutters in a classic white will elevate any space in an instant. And they’ll never go out of style.

  • Louvres are private

Shutters offer the ultimate privacy. And yet, they are flexible – it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. 

With a midrail to divide them, you can operate sections of louvres independently. You’ll always have perfect control over how much light (and air) enters your space.

  • Louvres are effortless

This point alone makes shutters worth their weight in gold. It’s easy to keep your shutters in pristine condition – all you need is to wipe your shutters down with a damp, soft cloth. We’ve got some more tips for cleaning shutters if you’re curious.

And maintenance is also fuss-free. Schedule a yearly service and your shutters will last a lifetime.

  • Louvres are easy-going

What’s your decor style? Contemporary, eclectic, minimalist, traditional or even rustic?

It makes no difference when you’re decorating with shutters. They go with every interior decor style you can imagine. So you can experiment with colours, textures and style and your shutters will never look out of place.

  • Louvres add life (and value) to your home

Ever thought about using shutters to enclose your patio? Not only does this add an extra room to your home, but it’s also a great way to get more use out of your patio.

Spending balmy summer evenings or crisp autumn afternoons outside is easier with shutters. In hot and cold weather, they offer protection from the elements. A once-neglected space will become the focal point for gatherings all year round.

View of blue sky and palm trees through white aluminium louvre shutters

Want to Show Your Shutters Some Love?

Perhaps you’re already mad about shutters like us? And you’re hoping to find some tips to keep your favourite aluminium louvres looking like new?

You’re in luck! We’ve got two articles you can refer to. The first details the right way to clean your aluminium shutters. And the second takes you through the process and importance of having your shutters serviced regularly.

Taking Your Shutter Obsession to the Next Level

If you’ve fallen in love with shutters and would love to make them a part of your home, contact us today. Our sales consultants (or should we say matchmakers) will help you find the perfect aluminium louvres for a lifelong partnership.