Burglar Bars or Security Shutters: What is Better?

Security Shutters at Yzerfontein

Burglar bars are a common feature of South African homes. And while Security Shutters are more attractive, you might be wondering how they compare to traditional steel bars?

Are Security Shutters Impenetrable?

We begin with the question everyone asks about Security Shutters, ‘how strong are they?’

No security barrier is impenetrable. Given enough time and the right tools, criminals will find a way past. Don’t think of your home security as an impassable barrier. Rather, think of it as a stalling tactic that buys you time to escape or until backup arrives.

In that case, Security Shutters provide as much of a barrier as steel burglar bars. Not all security shutters are the same though. Want to know what sets our security shutters apart from the competition? Read our guide to buying security shutters.

In short, our security shutters a formidable barrier to would-be burglars. Pictures speak louder than words, so look at the photographs a client sent us about three years ago.

This is the result of an attempted break-in. Only one shutter panel sustained damage – but not beyond repair. And the thieves did not gain access to the property.


Here’s what the client had to say:

I’m very impressed with the product, you can see the guys spent quite some time trying to get in.


We’re always refining and improving our security shutters. And we’re confident that they’re the best on the market.

Do Security Shutters Add Value to Your Property?

White shutters are a classic window treatment. They grace the pages of countless glossy interior decor magazines. That’s why they’re considered ‘the ultimate window treatment’.

And shutters, unlike burglar bars, won’t block your view. You can fold them out of the way to admire the scenery whenever you want to. You can’t do that with burglar bars.

Shutters also add value and curbside appeal to a home. Burglar bars can have the opposite effect. They give the impression of a crime-ridden neighbourhood. And could put potential buyers off as much as they do potential burglars.

What More Do Security Shutters Offer?

Here’s something that burglar bars don’t offer you – privacy. Security shutters aren’t only a substitute for burglar bars. They work as traditional window treatments too.

That means you can control light and airflow, as you would with curtains and blinds. And, when you need it, you can close the louvres for total privacy. Burglar bars might protect your home, but they can’t block out nosey neighbours.

This is particularly true for glass sliding doors. Those expanding-type security grilles are most often used for these types of doors. It may offer protection, you’ll still need to add curtains or blinds for privacy.

Stacking or folding security shutters offer both protection and privacy. And in summer, you can open the sliding door, draw the security shutters and tilt the louvres to let in a cool breeze.

Are Security Shutters Cost-Effective?Burglar Bar Alternative for Sliding Patio Doors

This is a better question to ask than ‘are security shutters expensive?’. Security shutters do cost more than burglar bars. But, in many ways, you’ll save money in the long run.

For example, maintaining your shutters is easy and inexpensive. We recommend servicing your shutters once a year. With proper use and care, a service will not cost you a fortune.

And you should think about what you’ll save on window treatments too. Unlike curtains and blinds, you won’t ever have to replace your shutters. They’re easy to keep clean and will last for decades without losing their appeal.

Are Security Shutters More Attractive?

Although Security shutters are more attractive than burglar bars, not all security shutters are attractive. Some are chunky because other shutter manufacturers rely on thick aluminium to make their shutters stronger. But our Security Shutters are as elegant as our Decorative Aluminium Shutters.

It all comes down to clever design such as adding a rib to the extrusion to improve strength. And using thicker aluminium at the joins increases stability. The result is that our security shutters have the thin, elegant frames we know our clients prefer.

A Smart Alternative

Not ready for Security Shutters? Consider combining Decorative Aluminium Shutters with Clear Armed Bars. These are clear plastic burglar bars with hidden wires. The wires connect to your home alarm system. Any attempt to cut or tamper with the wire will trigger your alarm.

The see-through bars provide security and our aluminium shutters bring elegance. It’s a winning combination.  And we’re approved installers of this ViewProtect‘s intelligent home security solution.

Home security is a grudge purchase. But buying Security Shutters is exciting. More than a barrier to keep criminals out, the shutters become a part of your home and your lifestyle. Adding value and style, Security Shutters are worth investing in.

If you’re ready to find out more, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our sales reps at your home. View samples of our shutters and get all the information you need to make an informed decision.