Custom-Made Aluminium Shutters Pros & Cons

For the perfect fit, custom-made aluminium shutters are the way to go. Apart from that, there are other reasons to invest in this window treatment. But that’s what shutters are, an investment. And, as with any investment, you need to weigh up the pros and cons.

Let’s start with the advantages.

Aluminium Shutters in White for BalconyCustom-Made Shutters: Benefits
  • Long-lasting & Hard-wearing

Aluminium is one of the most incredible elements on the planet. It has several properties that make it ideal for manufacturing shutters.

These are some of the most impressive ones:

Light but strong – aluminium weighs less than steel but retains its strength. Shutter panels made from aluminium will not sag under their weight.

High natural corrosion resistance – aluminium doesn’t rust. Although it might oxidise slightly, we finish our aluminium shutters with marine-quality powder-coating. That makes aluminium shutters perfect for homes at the coast.

Aluminium is also the most abundant metal in the world. And it’s easy to bend and shape – ideal for making louvres.

All this makes aluminium a clever choice for a durable window treatment. Unlike curtains or blinds, you’ll never have to replace your shutters. You won’t want to replace them anyway!

  • Safety & Appeal

Shutters are sought-after for the sophisticated, upmarket feel they give to a space. Their kerb-side appeal increases the value of your property. Should you ever want to sell, your shutters will make your home more attractive to buyers.

Security shutters take the place of traditional (and less attractive) burglar bars. They combine function, form and protection in one window treatment.

Custom Shutter: The Drawbacks
  • Expensive but Worth It

Yes, shutters are pricier than other window treatments such as blinds or curtains. But bear in mind that they are a life-long investment.

The cost of shutters in South Africa is more than requesting a price per square metre. And there are ways to save money on shutters for your home.

  • Worth the Wait, Too

Custom-made aluminium shutters take around six to eight weeks to manufacture. This might seem like a long time, but bespoke products usually take more time.

After taking final measurements, we send the aluminium extrusions to our powder coaters. This process can take a few days. Standard colours such as white, beige, grey, black and bronze are always available.

When the powder-coated extrusions come back, we start cutting and assembling your shutters.

But again, remember that you will have many years to enjoy your shutters. Shutters are worth the wait. Especially when the manufacturer takes the time to deliver shutter perfection.

Decorative Aluminium Shutters - Western Cape

What’s Your Decision?

Do you agree that the pros of custom-made aluminium shutters far outweigh the cons? Or are you convinced that shutters aren’t the right window treatment for you? Even if you’re undecided, there’s no harm in scheduling a consultation with one of our consultants.

The consultant will arrange to visit you at your home. They’ll bring samples of both our Decorative Aluminium Shutters and Security Shutters. And then, you can make the right decision for your home.