Flyscreens Are Here To Protect

A simple fly screen can help to protect your home or business – quick and efficiently. At House of Supreme, the Flyscreen Supreme comes with a host of benefits.

By  SA Décor


House of Supreme’s Fly Screen is available in Mesh and Pet Mesh designed for a variety of screens. The mesh is made from fiberglass mesh with a PVC coating which makes them durable and long-lasting.

Flyscreens have multiple benefits, here are just a few:
• Protection from insects and pests whilst preserving your view.
• Restaurant and food manufacturing – compliance for food safety regulations.
• Helps to keep the dust and pollen at bay.
• Environmentally kind as there is a reduction in the need for insecticides.
• Energy-saving as they help to regulate temperature.
• A degree of UV reduction.
• Pet safety and access prevention.

An understated yet essential addition to any interior, a fly screen will do the job well and keep your family protected indoors.

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