The Importance of Cleaning your Flyscreen

flyscreen on a door

Most people are more concerned about clean windows than they are about clean flyscreens because clean windows improve the curb appeal and overall aesthetic. This thinking shows a misunderstanding of the benefits clean flyscreens. The benefits of clean flyscreens go beyond aesthetics.  Here are three benefits to keeping your flyscreens clean.


Spring is here, which means all the windows being opened again after being shut for most of winter. However, that also means you need to clean your flyscreens before you allow that spring breeze to pass through them to avoid creating a dust fan through your house. Empirical studies have highlighted the danger that poor indoor air quality can pose on respiratory health. Clean air can keep family, friends and pets safe from developing allergies, coughs, sneezing fits and sinus issues that come from the dirty air over a long period of time.


Clean flyscreens can last a long time. Dirty screens collect salts and other bio-matter and the acidity of these substances can start to wear out your screens over time. Dirty screens are also a problem when it rains because rain combined with the existing dirt creates a soiling effect on your screen. Rain will be a welcome rinse for your flyscreens if they are clean. The functionality of these screens, like security and keeping unwanted insects out, can continue for longer if they are kept clean.


Imagine a beautiful piece of art cased in a dirty glass display. You would miss the beauty of the piece.  Well, so it is with cleaning your windows but leaving your flyscreens dirty. Even the cleanest windows won’t look good with dirty screens so take the extra step and clean your screens as well.

Now that you are convinced of the importance of cleaning your flyscreens you probably wondering how often you should clean them? The answer to this question depends on where you live. Different climates and conditions create different amounts of dirt, grime, and other pollutants. Those living in rural settings away from the coast may only require a clean once every 6 months. Urban areas that have a lot of smog and pollutants in the air are a different situation.  Flyscreens in these areas will need to be cleaned every three months. Flyscreens in industrial areas or 15km from the ocean will need to be cleaned every two to four weeks. Keep in mind that the longer you take between cleans the harder they are to clean.