Why you should Install Shutters in your Bathroom

HOS Bathroom Shutters Blog, October 17

You arrive home after a long day at work. It wasn’t as pleasant as you hoped it would be, a demanding boss and rude customers were enough to ruin your mood and all you want to do is have a glass of wine, take a long hot bath and crawl into your welcoming bed. It’s the perfect way to end the day, but you can’t seem to relax because you’re worried someone might glance into your bathroom through your thin see-through curtains.

Nobody should ever have to deal with this problem. At House of Supreme, we understand that life can be unpleasant at times, this is why we aim to provide you with the best bathroom experience imaginable. We can’t supply your favourite snacks and beverages, but we can give you the best bathroom shutters, and it won’t break your piggy bank either.

It’s not just a mediocre purchase. By installing shutters in your bathroom, you’re not only decorating your space but you’re also unlocking its many benefits that’ll improve your daily lifestyle.


In a world filled with constant uploads to social media, privacy is quite rare and hard to come by. Everyone deserves some alone time every once in a while.

Whether it’s for a few minutes or the entire day, bathroom shutters are the perfect solution for your privacy problem.

Due to its thick and steady material, it blocks everything including air, from entering your bathroom.

Natural Light

Vitamin D is an essential in our daily lives, not only does provide us with a golden tan but it also kills harmful bacteria.

Bathrooms can hold many germs, and shutters can help reduce this by providing immense amounts of sunlight, just by merely opening the shades.


We all love a steaming hot shower or bath, but the heat can cause one to become dizzy and faint.

Shutters can prevent this problem immediately as it delivers easy ventilation while maintaining privacy. Just open your windows and close the shutters.

It’s also just as useful when it comes to getting rid of the smell of cleaning chemicals when one is spring cleaning.

Moisture Resistant

The bathroom is the room in a house that holds the most humidity. In time it can become a problem, as the steam may damage the wood and cloth coverings.

Having shutters can stop this from happening as it’s made from water-resistant materials that prevent mold and rotting


Buying an item is all well and good, but let’s face it, nobody wants something that isn’t pleasing to the eye. Bathroom shutters serve many purposes, but it also made out of synthetic wood that can be painted to your choice of colour, leaving your home protected and sophisticated.

Let this product work for you with its many advantages and timeless elegance.