Patio Shutters: Let’s Go Outside

Patio Shutters

After months of winter and lockdown, you must be bursting to get out of the house. A comfortable patio can transport you to a sunnier place – both physically and mentally. The right shutters can turn any outdoor space into a private haven.

What Kind of Shutters Make the Best Patio Shutters?

You’ve spent hours imagining your perfect enclosed patio and now you’re ready to take the next step. The first thing you’ll want to know is what type of shutters are best suited to outdoor applications. We offer two shutter ranges that make great patio shutters.

Decorative Aluminium ShuttersDecorative Aluminium Shutters Coastal Properties

Aluminium is a corrosion-resistant material. That makes it a good choice for external shutters, particularly for coastal properties. Their marine-grade powder-coating prevent the shutters from yellowing or fading.

The slimline design and thinner frames of these decorative shutters make them attractive. And white patio shutters create the perfect backdrop for a range of decor styles. Giving you the freedom to experiment with colours and textures.

You’ll find the technical specifications of our Decorative Aluminium Shutters in our blog on how to Style Your Home with Decorative Aluminium Shutters.

Aluminium Security Shutters

Security Shutters are also made from aluminium. Reinforced louvres and stainless steel bolts are some of the features that make them stronger than decorative aluminium shutters. And over the years, we’ve re-engineered our security shutters to be both as strong as they are pleasing to look at.

We covered all the technical specifications in a blog we wrote on what to look for when shopping for Security Shutters.

Although they have a UV and fade-resistant finish, wooden shutters are better suited to indoor applications.

Sliding Patio Door Shutters Save the Day

No patio? No problem! Sliding patio door shutters are the solution to creating an indoor/outdoor flow even if you don’t have a patio. Open your glass doors to let air and light in and close your shutters to stop pets and small children from getting out. Your sliding patio shutters do double-duty as a window treatment and, if you opt for Security Shutters, provide protection too.

The patio door shutters could slide past each other on a track (also called bypass shutters), or fold on hinges to stack up on either side of your opening. It all depends on the amount of space you have available.

It’s important to order your shutters from a well-established shutter manufacturer. It’s not only the quality of the finished product that matters. It’s the knowledge and skill that go into designing shutters to match your space and your style.


How Patio Shutters Tick All The Boxes

Here are all the reasons why enclosing your patio with shutters makes perfect sense.

  • Take Control

Shutters give your complete control over the amount of light and air that enters your space. You can either open the panels completely or tilt a few louvres. Rain or shine, you can adjust your shutters to suit your needs.

  • Stylish Insulation

Shutters have an insulating effect with year-round benefits. In the summer, white shutters reflect the heat and create cool shade. In winter, they block drafts and keep warm air from escaping through large glass panels.

A patio enclosed with shutters could positively affect your energy bills while adding value to your property. At the very least, you’ll have an extra room for entertaining and get more use from your existing outdoor spaces.

  • Privacy & Protection

Shutters offer a real sense of privacy, without blocking out all the light or leaving you exposed to the elements – including nosy neighbours. You can tilt the louvres to let the light and air in, without giving next door the chance to spy on you.

Aside from your privacy, patio shutters protect your outdoor furniture, too. You’ll never have to worry about hauling oversized cushions inside in the middle of a downpour again.

  • Affordable & Attractive

Enclosing your patio with shutters is a big investment but one that will add real value to your property. And the effect on your lifestyle will be immediate and positive. Entertaining family and friends or relishing a private moment of quiet on your comfy and cosy enclosed patio is priceless.

  • Year-Round Usability

The biggest drawcard of enclosed patios is that you can spend time in them all year round. Whether you’re entertaining friends and family in summer or looking for a cosy spot in winter, your patio will be ready. And that’s how patio shutters can add value to your home and your lifestyle.

Patio Shutters: Frequently Asked Questions

Here, we cover some of the most common questions our clients have about enclosing a patio with shutters.

Will shutters keep my patio dry in the rainy season?

Shutters, like other window treatments, allow you to control the light and airflow in a space. It’s better to think of shutters as being ‘weatherproof’ and offering a high degree of resistance to rain.

Although the shape of the louvres (when closed) prevents rain from getting in, they don’t create a watertight seal. Horizontal rain may seep in through the track and other small gaps.

How is the sliding track installed?

We can either install the sliding track on top of your tiles or countersink it. If you’re worried about tripping over the track, it’s better to cut a groove into the tiles to accommodate it.

What is your warranty on patio shutters?

We offer a 10-year warranty on both our Decorative Aluminium Shutters and our Security Shutters. This warranty is subject to a regular shutter maintenance schedule that we highly recommend to counter the effects of wear-and-tear from regular use not covered in the warranty.

Cleaning Patio ShuttersHow do I clean and maintain my patio shutters?

Here’s another reason to love patio shutters – they’re ridiculously easy to clean and care for. Running a soft cloth or the upholstery attachment of your vacuum cleaner over the louvres is all it takes to remove a light layer of dust.

If you want to wash your patio shutters down, use a soft cloth and lukewarm soapy water. Tilt the louvres down and wash from top to bottom, then follow with a soft cloth dipped in clean fresh water. Dry the louvres before tilting them up and repeating the process.

And don’t forget to clean the track regularly. Once again, you can use one of the attachments on your vacuum to pick up dust and debris and keep your patio shutters running smoothly.

Will my shutters fade and discolour in the sun?

Thanks to their UV and fade-resistant finish, the colour won’t fade and our white shutters won’t turn yellow in the sun. A top-notch powder coating that carries the Qualicoat Seaside mark will protect your patio shutters from extreme weather conditions and keeps them looking as pristine as the day we installed them.

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