Roller Screen Flyscreens or Solid Hinged Flyscreens – How to choose?

Roller Screen Flyscreens or Solid Hinged Flyscreens – How to choose?

South Africa has a unique climate. We have extremely hot days in the middle of winter and temperatures exceeding 35 degrees in summer. With this kind of climate coupled with humidity in certain areas of South Africa, we are prone to attract bugs like flies, mosquitos and moths. Flyscreens are a priority to protect our homes, restaurants, lodges and establishments from these little pests.  You are probably wondering ‘how do I know what kind of flyscreen will be most effective in my already existing window treatments?’

In this blog, we will discuss two kinds of flyscreens in the House of Supreme Flyscreen Supreme range. These are our roller screen flyscreens and solid hinged flyscreens. These ranges are meant for both windows and doors. In our previous flyscreen blog we looked at the “why” of installing flyscreens, and now we will look closely at the various kinds you can install in your home, restaurant or lodge.

Roller Screen Flyscreens for Windows and Doors

Roller Screen Flyscreens are designed to form part of your already existing window. This product offering is manually operated with a control bar making it simple to grab and pull up or down when needed. This is ideal for someone who enjoys wide-open windows. With roller screens, you have the option of the flyscreen covering your whole window opening in the hotter season when you need fresh air without those pesky bugs gaining access to your home.

This option flyscreen has a sliding track which creates a smooth motion when operating it on either side of a window. When the screen is not in use, it can simply be removed and stored in a tube casing.

The roller screen is custom manufactured either for vertical or horizontal installation on all types of window or door frames.

Solid Hinged Flyscreens for Windows and Doors

The solid hinged flyscreens are custom manufactured with light or medium weight aluminium (depending on your specifications). It has a rigid frame which gives it that added strength and durability. This option is a permanent solution as it is fitted with bullet hinges. If you are in a humid area, this option will be beneficial to keep the year around pests outside.

The solid hinged window/door screen has a magnetised lock mechanism which secures the screen onto your existing frame. This is a no-fuss option as you won’t need to do anything during the summer season. You will be prepared year-round, and your home or establishment will be kept clean.

At House of Supreme, we pride ourselves on being flyscreen leaders in South Africa and on offering a flyscreen option that suits every need. The roller screen flyscreen is excellent if you are looking for a seasonal option and the solid hinged window/screen flyscreens for all year round bug protection.

Best of all our flyscreens are manufactured in our factory in Johannesburg and installed by ourselves across the country, giving you the most cost effective solution. All our flyscreens are also manufactured with sleek modern design principles in mind so that it forms a natural part of your interior decorating without being an “eyesore”.