Save Money on Shutters with these Smart Tips

You don’t have to exceed your budget to get the shutters you want. Although shutters are more expensive than curtains and blinds, they’re designed to last for decades and made from high-grade materials such as solid wood or aluminium.

And you can still save money on your shutters if you follow our five tips.

Tip #1 – Order Directly from the Manufacturer

Time is money and ordering directly from the manufacturer means reduced lead times. Many shutter suppliers import their products from overseas, making them more expensive. And any delays in the importing process could end up costing you more money.

If you order from the manufacturer, you’ll also have immediate access to expert advice and assistance during the installation. For example, they’ll replace a dented louvre right away.

Tip #2 – Compare Materials

Wooden shutters aren’t always cheaper than aluminium shutters. Our Decorative Aluminium Shutters are the same low price as our Wooden shutters. These shutters won’t rust, so they’re ideal for homes at the coast, damp or steamy rooms like bathrooms or kitchens, and outdoor areas like patios and balconies.

For interior rooms like bedrooms, lounges and, dining rooms, wooden shutters are a budget-friendly choice. Wooden shutters are also treated with UV and fade-resistant finishes to increase their longevity.

Decorative aluminium ShuttersTip #3 – Combine Security Shutters with Decorative Aluminium Shutters

This is a tip we’ve explored in the previous blog post on how to get value for money when you invest in shutters. Security Shutters, like Decorative Aluminium Shutters, are made from high-grade aluminium.

It’s the added security features such as that add to the cost of Security Shutters. These features include:

• The stainless-steel cylinder and bolt lock system
• Hardened steel rods reinforce the louvres, and
• A ribbed aluminium frame which adds strength to the whole structure.

Although Decorative Alumnium Shutters look like Security Shutters, they don’t have all those added features. They also don’t have the same price tag as Security Shutters.

To save money without losing out on the aesthetics, you can opt for Security Shutters on doors and windows only where you need protection. For the other openings in your home, chose Decorative Aluminium Shutters. You’ll get the security you need and the style you want at a more affordable price.

Tip #4 – Stick to Classic White

There’s a reason why white shutters are considered a classic. They can blend with almost any style of décor, from traditional to modern to minimalist. No other window treatment can is as versatile as shutters.

Most shutter manufacturers offer a range of standard colours and finishes for both wood and aluminium shutters. Your standard colour options are white, off-white, grey, bronze, and charcoal or black.

If you want your shutters finished in a unique colour, it will cost you more. That’s because it takes more time and effort to mix a custom colour when standard colours are readily available.

Besides saving money, you won’t regret going with a neutral colour for your shutters. You can always add colour using soft furnishings and accessories.

Tip #5 – Factor in Your ROI

Shutters don’t need to be replaced, unlike curtains or blinds. So, you’ll save money because you won’t ever need to purchase another window treatment.

They don’t need much maintenance either, apart from regular servicing, another way you’ll save money if you choose shutters. If you take proper care of your shutters and they’ll like new even when they’re 20 years old.

Finally, shutters help regulate temperature, which translates into savings on heating and cooling your home. They’re the most energy-efficient window treatment currently available. In winter, closing the louvres keeps warm air inside. And in summer, you can block out the sun while allowing fresh air to enter and cool the room.

Shutters may cost more than other window treatments, but they offer added benefits in return. You can use shutters as a window treatment, a room divider or, a smart way to secure your home. And if you decide to sell your home, you’ll find they add extra value and kerb appeal to prospective buyers.

Chat with one of our representatives, if you’re thinking about buying shutters for your home. We’ll give you the right advice to get the shutters you want at a fair price.