Shutter Frames: Shutter Speak Part 3

Shutter frames, as the name suggests, provide a structure for your shutter panels to hang from. Yes, they’re functional but they also influence the appearance of your shutters.

Shutter frames are available in different styles. The frame you choose will partly depend on what works best with your openings. And, you may have the option of an inside or outside mount to consider.

Shutter Mounts: Inside Mount or Outside Mount – What’s the Difference?

Inside Mount/Recess Fitting

  • In line with the wall
  • Shutters don’t project into the room
  • Results in a shutter panel which could make them a bit cheaper

Outside Mount/Face Fitting

  • Mounted to the wall or architrave around the outside of the window
  • Projects into the room

If you’re keen on using a particular frame with an inside mount, you’ll need to ensure you have enough recess space. But you may have to choose a different frame or opt for an outside mount if there isn’t enough space.

Shutter Mount Illustration

Shutter Frames: Style & Substance

At House of Supreme, we have three different frame styles:

  • Standard L Frame (Aluminium & Wood)
  • Slimline L Frame (Aluminium)
  • Z-Frame (Aluminium & Wood)

L-frames are so named because they resemble the letter L, and Z-frames resemble the letter Z.

The Standard L-Frame

Our Standard L-frame is most often used on hinged shutters. it works as both an Inside and Outside mounts.

An L-shaped cover hides any holes drilled into the frame to attach it to the recess or wall. This frame is strong enough to hold Decorative Aluminium and Security Shutters.

It is also available in wood for either Wood or Decorative Aluminium Shutters. It also works as either an inside or outside mount.

The Slimline L-Frame

We designed the Slimline L-Frame for smaller openings with less space available. This style is thin, elegant and lets more light through than a Standard L-frame which might look too heavy.

Our slimmer frame is only available in aluminium. As a result, they only work with our Decorative Aluminium shutters.

The Aluminium Z Frame

To create a frame around your window, you can opt for a Z-frame. We often recommend a Z-frame for windows that are out of square or have untidy plastering. This type of frame will also block out more of the light that may leak through an L-frame.

Aluminium Z-frames are suitable for inside mounting with our Decorative Aluminium Shutters only.

Aluminium Shutter Frame Profiles


Wooden Z-Frames

Available in a variety of styles, wood z-frames can work with Wood and Decorative Shutters. They’re not suitable for use with Security Shutters.

And, like the aluminium z-frames, they only work as an inside mount.

Wooden Shutter Frames

Choosing between L-Frames and Z-Frames

The right frame is a balance between aesthetics and practicality. Of course, your House of Supreme consultant will be able to advise you through the whole process, but here are some points to keep in mind…

Z-frames suit openings without any existing moulding or trim because they wrap around the front of the recess. That means you can fold the shutter panels back a full 180° against the sidewall.

L-frames are best for openings that have moulding or trim. You can mount the frame anywhere between the window glass and the front of the recess. But keep in mind that you will need enough space to tilt the louvres.

You can also mount L-frames outside the recess. This is also called a ‘face-fix’.


Overhead View Shutter Mountings

Measuring & Ordering Shutters

To get an idea of how much shutters will cost you, you can send us your rough measurements. Make a note of the width and height of any opening and we’ll work out a budgetary quote for you.

If you decide to proceed with an order, a sales consultant will come out to take final measurements. We’ll use these measurements to design shutter panels to fit the opening exactly. This includes the frames you’ve chosen.

With the design finalised, your order enters production. We make all our shutters at our factory in Johannesburg. When your order is complete, we’ll contact you to arrange an installation date. A team of trained and experienced installers will complete the job.

The whole process takes between 4 to 6 weeks from the time you place your order.

Ready to pick out the frames for your new shutters? Request a quote and one of our salespeople will call you to schedule a consultation. And if you haven’t already, remember to check out the rest of our Shutter Speak series. Part 1 covers the different parts that go into making up a shutter panel. And Part 2 looks at Shutter configurations.