Shutter Service Maintenance & Repairs: Your Complete Guide

An annual shutter service will keep your shutters in perfect working order. And it isn’t expensive either. Shutters are often more cost-effective to maintain than other window treatments.

Still not convinced that a yearly shutter service is necessary? Not sure what a service entails?

In this article, we’ll take you through a typical shutter service. And we’ve got some tips on how to clean and care for your shutters between services.

Before we start though, please note that we don’t service or repair other makes of shutters. If you don’t know who manufactured your shutters, send us photos and we’ll confirm if we can service them.

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Yearly Shutter Service: What Does It Include?

At first, you’ll spend much of your time admiring your new shutters and congratulating yourself on making such a savvy purchase. We don’t blame – shutters are rather impressive.

But before you get carried away, take a moment to set a reminder to schedule a service in about 12 months. You don’t want to wait until something doesn’t work to make your appointment. By then, your shutters could need a minor repair that you can avoid with regular service.


On the day of your service, our team will arrive with all the tools, spares and expertise required.

Shutter Service Checklist

The shutter service itself includes the following:

  • Realigning Shutter Panels

Over time and with use, shutters can sag slightly – especially bi-fold shutters. The first thing our shutter service team will check is the alignment of your shutters. If necessary, they’ll adjust the louvre bolts and runners to align your shutters to the opening.

  • Tightening Loose Hinge Screws

Again, normal use loosens the hinges on your shutter panels. Tightening the hinge screws helps to realign the shutter panels with each other.

  • Checking Louvre Tension

Next, the team will move on to checking the tension on your louvres. You might find they are too stiff and difficult to tilt. Or, they might be too loose and won’t remain at the angle you’ve set.

Adjusting the tension of the louvres is straightforward. And once set correctly, your shutters will be a pleasure to use again.

  • Cleaning the Tracks

Dirty tracks make for sticky shutters. That’s why we recommend running the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner over the tracks at least once a week. We’ll check the shutter tracks and clean and lubricate them so your shutters glide smoothly.

  • Checking Components

The team will check all the components for wear and tear and replace them where necessary.

  • Testing Shutter Locks

This applies to security shutters and covers all the locks and bolt mechanisms. It’s unlikely that the Super C-Class Cylinder locks we use would malfunction in any way, but we are thorough.

Thanks to their sturdy design and durable materials, shutters don’t wear down easily. A regular service does help to keep all the moving parts moving. And it’s an opportunity to correct small issues before they become a more serious problem.

How much does a shutter service cost?

If there are no repairs needed, the only thing you’ll have to pay upfront is the call-out fee.  The call-out fee covers the costs of getting a trained and equipped team to your home. You’ll receive another invoice for labour after the service.

Home Maintenance: Cleaning Your Shutters

shutter service home maintenance cleaning shuttersYou can minimise the need for shutter repairs by taking proper care of your shutters. First of all, you should dust your shutters often – at least once a week. You can wipe wood and aluminium shutters down with a soft cloth as part of your weekly cleaning routine.

For more thorough cleaning, wipe your shutters down with a damp cloth. Use a mild soap solution and wring the cloth out before wiping down each louvre.

To keep the track free of dust, use the thin nozzle on your vacuum cleaner to suck out the accumulated dust.

For more info, check out our Shutter Cleaning and Care article.

Operating Your Shutters: Do It Right

There is a right and wrong way to open and close your shutters. Use your shutters correctly and you’ll enjoy years of hassle-free service.

If you didn’t know that, here are some tips:

  • Tilt-Up Not Down

To close the louvres (slats), always tilt them up, not down. In this position, they create a tight fit that blocks more light. And they’ll direct any light that does seep through towards the ceiling and not the floor.

  • Tilt From Centre

Always grab a louvre in the centre to tilt it – not either end. This applies to shutters with a hidden tilt rod and reduces wear on the mechanism.

If your shutters have a central tilt rod, always use the rod to operate the louvres.

  • Easy Does It

Don’t use too much force to tilt the louvres or move the panels. It’s unnecessary and could damage delicate components.

It doesn’t matter whether you use them every day or now and then, using your shutters with care cuts down on repairs.

How to Book a Service for Your Shutters

Now that you know what to expect, here’s how you can book your shutter service with us.

  • Send an email to with your request.
  • Include the installation date of your shutters.*
  • Whether you need a regular service or a repair.**
  • Your physical address.

* Remember, if you don’t know who manufactured your shutters you can send us some photos.

**Please include photos of the parts that need repairing or replacing. And please include as much detail as possible.

We’ll send an invoice for the call-out fee once we’ve received your request. And after you’ve settled the call-out fee, we’ll ring you to schedule a date for your service.

Normal wear and tear on shutters will result in the need for repair from time to time. But this is the exception rather than the rule. Shutters are not only the most beautiful window treatment ever designed, but they are also durable and practical.

If you’re ready to invest in the ultimate window treatment, contact us today. Our sales consultants are ready to provide you with the expert advice and exceptional service House of Supreme is known for.