Shutters: The Best Window Treatments for Estate Homes

Estate Living Dining Room with Shutters

Owning a home in an Estate appeals to many South Africans because it combines country living with city convenience. Aside from the fact that shutters are ideal for framing the endless views that many Golf, Equestrian and Nature Estates are known for, there are other reasons why shutters make the best window treatments.

Estate Living Bathroom with ShuttersRestoring your privacy

Estate living offers a sense of community and safety but at a cost – your privacy. Installing shutters on your windows will restore your privacy because by simply tilting the louvres you can block-out prying eyes and still let light air to flow into the room.

You might achieve the same effect with blinds or curtains, but shutters are much easier to clean and care for. They work equally well with both traditional and modern interior design, too. White wooden shutters are an instant classic and will blend seamlessly with any décor.

Extending your space

Residential Estates tend to offer a mix of outdoor spaces and activities such as playgrounds, swimming pools and even hiking and horse-riding trails. It’s these amenities that make community living so pleasant, but there’s no substitute for entertaining friends and family in your own home.

If space is an issue, you can always extend your home by using shutters to enclose your patio. The benefits of doing just that are twofold; you’ll gain an extra room and you’ll be able to spend more time on your patio all year round.

You needn’t lose out on your views or open spaces either. Shutters can stack away neatly when not in use, leaving you room to spread out.

Decorative aluminium shutters are best suited for outdoor applications. They won’t rust and the metal is treated with a UV-resistant finish that stops it from fading in bright sunlight. Easy to clean, low-maintenance exterior shutters are worth investing in if you love entertaining at home.

Protecting your home

A big part of the appeal of estate living is the sense of security it offers. There’s safety in numbers and access to the estate is often carefully monitored and controlled. Despite this, most homeowners sleep better at night knowing they have taken additional measures to protect their family.

Traditional burglar bars and gates might be a deterrent, but they tend to detract from your property’s appearance. You also can’t help feeling like a prisoner in your own home when your view is obscured by steel bars.

Security shutters are the solution here, offering a more flattering alternative to traditional security bars. Designs vary between manufacturers, but House of Supreme offers a slimline yet robust style that’s every bit as attractive as our decorative aluminium shutters with added security elements.

How do Security Shutters protect your home?

Unlike wooden and decorative aluminium shutters, security shutters have additional features that make them almost impenetrable.

Some of these security features are:

  • Louvres blades reinforced with hardened steel pins running through the end caps;
  • An aluminium frame with a rib for extra strength and stability;
  • Stainless-steel bolts and,
  • A tamper-proof lock.

The result is a shutter that’s as strong and secure as it is beautiful. Security Shutters also include all the regular benefits of shutters such as light and airflow control, privacy and noise reduction.

The Ultimate Window Treatment

The benefits of estate living are numerous – much like the benefits of choosing shutters as your preferred window treatment. Whether you’re looking for extra security, want to get more use from your outdoor spaces or just want a window treatment that’s attractive and easy to care for, shutters are the answer.

To see how our shutters can transform your estate property, contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced reps. With our expert advice and guidance, you’ll find it easy to choose the right shutters for your estate home.