Sliding Door Shutters: What You Should Know

Sliding door shutters are the perfect window treatment for the sliding glass patio doors you find in almost every South African home. Usually, at the entrance to outdoor spaces we love so much; patio’s, gardens and balconies.

Over the years, we’ve installed countless sliding door shutters. So if you’re thinking about installing shutters in front of your sliding doors, you’ll want to read this.

Sliding Door Shutters: The Benefits

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering shutters. You might also be looking at other window treatments such as blinds are curtains. You’ve probably noticed that shutters are the more expensive option, but there are good reasons for that.

  • Control Light & Airflow

Shutters not only give you superb control over both, but they also have some added benefits.

Unlike blinds and curtains, shutters don’t flap about in a breeze. That means you can leave your sliding door open and tilt the louvres to keep the glare out or let a little air through.

  • Insulate Against Heat and Noise

Shutters insulate your home, keeping it cooler in winter and warmer in summer. That could have a positive effect on your energy bills.

And, that extra insulating layer offers some soundproofing advantages too.

  • Easy to Clean & Care For

Shutters are a breeze to clean and maintain. They don’t need much more than a light dusting every week to keep them looking brand new. And getting a yearly shutter service will ensure all parts remain in good working order.

That’s far less hassle than washing and rehanging curtains or cleaning dusty blinds.

  • Practical & Functional

The purpose of a sliding door is to give you as much access to an area as possible. But curtains and blinds only get in the way.

Now, because shutters can fold or slide out of the way, they make the most sense for sliding doors.

Mounting Sliding Shutters: Inside or Outside?

We’ve covered shutter mounts in detail in a previous blog, but it’s worth mentioning your options again here.

The shutter panels hang off a frame that’s attached to the opening around your sliding door. This frame either attaches to the inside or outside of the recess.

Inside or Recess Mount

If you have enough space, you can mount the frame inside the recess. The ‘recess’ is the space between the glass pane and the front of the wall of the sliding door.

sliding door shutter mounts face-fix and reveal options

Outside or Face Mount

In this case, the frame attaches to the wall or architrave around the opening. The frame creates the extra space needed to house the shutter panels.

It all comes down to whether you have enough recess space to fit the shutter panels. Remember that there the louvres need enough space so you can open and close them. You need to take both the depth of the frame and the width of the louvres into account.

Frame Styles

Another element to consider is the frame style. There are generally two frame styles: L-Frames and Z-Frames.

Take a look at the illustrations below. You’ll see the frames resembles the shapes they’re named after.

A Z-frame wraps around the front of the recess, while an L-frame fits on either the inside or outside the recess.

Sliding door shutter mounts overhead view

Sliding Shutter Configurations

We’ve talked about Shutter Configurations in a previous blog. But when it comes to sliding door shutters, your two options are bi-fold or bypass.

Bi-fold Sliding Shutters

We recommend the bi-fold shutter configuration for sliding doors. As the shutter panels fold away from the opening, the open space available increases.

The shutter panels hang from a top track and attach to each other with hinges. The hinges allow the shutters to fold up like a concertina and stack out of the way. You can have all the panels stack to one side, but we recommend splitting them to stack up on either side of the opening. This distributes the weight of the panels evenly and reduces strain on the hinges.

Bi-fold Sliding Shutters

Bypass Sliding Shutters

Bypass shutters also hang from a top track. But instead of folding up, the panels slide past each other. Tracks in the floor guide each shutter and there is no limit to the number of tracks you can have. If you have the space, the panels can slide past the sliding door altogether.

Professionally Measured & Installed

Shutters are an investment for your home. They may be the most expensive window treatment on the market, but you only pay for them once. Aside from their elegance and practicality, with proper care and use, they last a lifetime.

If you’re going to invest in shutters, it’s worth working with professionals. Errors can be costly when it comes to cutting aluminium and designing shutter panels.

For a hassle-free process, from measuring to installation, order your shutters from House of Supreme. We have decades of experience and a well-trained team. Get in touch with us today to discuss your sliding door shutter requirements.