Style Your Home with Decorative Aluminium Shutters

Want to update and add value to your home? Decorative Aluminium Shutters are the answer. You won’t find a more versatile and durable window treatment on the market. And, they’re suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

You can style every room in your home with our custom-made aluminium shutters. Here’s how…

Add Practical Luxury to Kitchens & Bathrooms

Decorative Aluminium Shutters in BathroomWood is a wonderful material for shutters, but not for damp, steamy rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. With all that moisture around, the louvres could swell or warp leaving you with shutters that don’t work. Aluminium, which doesn’t rust, is a much better material for these environments.

And, the powder-coating used to finish our Decorative Aluminium Shutters carries the Qualicoat Seaside mark. This powder is used to protect materials against the harsh winds and chemicals you’d find in marine or coastal environments. And that’s why our shutters are ideal for seaside properties.

Plus, nothing gives a bathroom that ‘spa feeling’ like a set of cool, white aluminium shutters.

Create Privacy in the Bedroom

Whether you want to block out the sun, or the prying eyes of your nosy neighbours, all it takes is a snap of the louvres on your Decorative Aluminium Shutters to achieve perfect privacy.

You can split the louvres using a mid-rail, allowing you to tilt some open while leaving the rest closed. Or, use your shutters as room dividers, to screen off an area or create a private dressing room.

Aluminium Shutters in Bedroom

Let Light and Air Flow through Living Spaces

No other window treatment helps you control the light and airflow in a room as stylishly as shutters. But there’s one compelling reason why Decorative Aluminium Shutters work so well in lounges and dining rooms, and that is – they’re easy to care for.

Either wipe a soft cloth over the louvres once a week or run your vacuum over them to pick up loose dust. If you have more energy, wash them down with a mild, soapy solution and buff dry with a clean cloth. That’s all it takes to keep your shutters looking as good as the day they were installed.

Decorative Aluminium Shutters in Dining Room
Add Space to Your Home with Patio Shutters

There are two great reasons to add Decorative Aluminium Shutters to your patio:

  1. You add another living space to your home, and
  2. You can use your patio in all kinds of weather

Entertain more guests more often with the extra space, especially on warm summer evenings. And when the weather turns cool or drizzly, you can still spend time relaxing in your ‘outdoor’ space.

Of all the things you can do to your home to add value to it, enclosing your patio with shutters has to be top-of-the-list.

Aluminium Shutters Patio

Now that you’re inspired, here’s some info on our Decorative Aluminium Shutters:

House of Supreme Decorative Aluminium Shutters – Facts & Figures


  • Our aluminium louvres are extruded from 6063-T6 grade aluminium, which is ISO and BS compliant.
  • The slimline frame is elegant but robust and secure.
  • A hidden tilt rod and light-line reducer maintain the aesthetic appearance of the shutters.
  • Tension rods add strength and stability to each panel.
  • All hinges include tapered pins for add security (cannot be removed or punched out) and nylon inserts for quiet operation.
  • Locks can be included (upon request)
  • Lever bolts can be added for external applications.


Frame Material: Aluminium

Mechanical Components: Stainless Steel


Stile Dimensions: 28 mm x 52 mm

Louvre width: 95 mm

Recommended Min – Max Height: 400 mm – 3200 mm

Recommended Min – Max Width: 150 mm – 760 mm

Decorative Aluminium Shutters: A Smart Investment

Our Decorative Aluminium Shutters are the same price as our wooden shutters. And because ring pulls and flush bolts are included in your quote, you won’t pay extra for them.

You’ll save on your custom-made shutters by ordering directly from the manufacturer. Plus, your shutters will be expertly made by professionals with decades of industry experience – that’s priceless!

Ready to make your renovation dreams come true? Schedule an appointment with us today and transform your home with Decorative Aluminium Shutters.