Ways to Decorate Your Home with Old Shutters

Ways to Decorate Your Home with Old Shutters

Out with the old shutters and in with the new

I’m sure you’re familiar with these old wise sayings, ‘all’s well that ends well’; ‘good things come to those who wait’; ‘dynamite comes in small packages’ and, of course, the famous ‘out with the old and in with the new’. Applying 4these few words of wisdom in our daily lifestyles can improve it slightly, however, sometimes it’s okay to bend the rules to suit your interior needs. So your old privacy shutters are worn out, the paint is peeling off, and the neighbours are actually starting to stare. You know you should probably get rid of them, but it secretly pains you. We aren’t medical professionals, but we do consider ourselves experts when it comes to shutters.

Instead of throwing out your old shutters when you replace them with new ones, make the most of it by reusing it to decorate your home, in the trendiest yet sophisticated way possible. How? Keep on reading to find out more about our four ideas.


Is your bedroom looking a tad bland and unoriginal? Then get out your working gloves and transform your old shutters into a stunning, rustic headboard. It’s not only recycling, but it brightens up the room and adds as an eye pleaser.

This form of interior designs works well against white bedding, as it stands out.

Wall Art 

Ditch the photo frames this 2018. Use your old shutters as wall art, paint it exciting colours, add decorations and insert your favourite pictures between the slats or use it as a message board. This is an unusual yet unique way of showcasing your memories with your loved ones or reminding them of important upcoming events.

Storage Space

We all love some convenient storage space, especially if it’s affordable. Impress your guests by revolutionising the world of old shutters by altering it slightly to make a fantastic portable island. Use it to show off your excellent aged bottles of wine or store your favourite snacks. You can design a space as small or as large as you require.

Towel Rack

Is there anything worse than finding a wet towel on the bed, or the floor? Keep your linen clean and dry by using your old shutters as a towel rack. Make it look modern by painting it a nude colour and attaching silver hooks or just hang it and attach bronze hooks, for that more vintage look.

The price to tastefully decorate one’s home can be incredibly steep. Instead of spending thousands of rands, use alternative, affordable, yet classy methods to renovate your home.