The shutters are made from steel, aluminium and/or wood and custom-made to suit client specifications and colours.

Various slat sizes and finishes can be selected. Created in such a way as to facilitate sun control when needed as the full panels are slide-able in tracks.



How do our shutters open, stack or fit into your reveals and architraves? It really comes down to how you utilize the space and what most suits your lifestyle. On consultation, we can advise the best solutions for each opening, be it a window, door or exterior space that needs our attention.

Hinged Shutters

Single Hinged Shutters

Two Panel Hinged Shutters

These shutters are designed to be kept closed, and the blades tilted for light control and privacy etc. Hinged panels are the most commonly specified for standard windows.

Bi-Fold Shutters

Four Panel Pivot Hinged Bi-fold Shutters

Four Panel Double Pivot Hinged Bi-fold Shutters

Designed to be used to cover a doorway or as a room divider and windows. Their main appeal is their ability to fold away from the opening, giving an unobstructed view and greater opening space.

Sliding Shutters

Open Single Panel Sliding Shutter

Closed Single Panel Sliding Shutter

Open Double Bypass Panel Sliding Shutters

Closed Double Bypass Panel Sliding Shutters

Sliding panels are generally used to cover an opening or divide an area for additional privacy. Their main attraction is their ease of use and that they do not intrude into the room when operated.

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