Bedroom Shutters: A Dream Come True

Dreaming of bedroom shutters? That’s not uncommon. After all, white shutters elevate any room – especially bedrooms.

They are an investment window treatment. So if you need some concrete evidence to persuade your significant other, we’re here to help.

Shutters make an ordinary bedroom feel like the grandest suite in an expensive hotel. And they’re practical. Here’s why shutters make sense in your main bedroom, guest bedroom and even your kid’s bedroom.

Bedroom with white furniture, colourful rug and white shuttersLight, Air & Privacy

It’s easy to forget that shutters are a window treatment. Like curtains and blinds, they allow you to control the amount of light entering a room. In fact, shutters can block out a significant amount of light. This could appeal to you if you’re one of many people who sleep better in a dark room.

The louvres allow you to take control of the airflow in a room when the windows are open. And you can adjust them for more or less privacy by tilting them with your hand.

Comfort & Quiet

Did you know that around 18% – 30% of heat escapes through the windows of your home? Installing shutters creates a barrier and insulates your home. With shutters, you won’t have to rely on power-hungry appliances to heat or cool your home. It’s also easier to fall asleep if your bedroom is at an even temperature.

The same is true for noise pollution. Shutters dampen outside noises that might bother you and disturb your sleep. Heavy curtains and blinds have the same effect. But shutters add extra style and luxury, especially in a bedroom.

Ease Allergies & Cut Down on Housework

Shutters are easy to clean. Wipe them down with a damp or dry cloth or run the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner over them.

And that’s great news for those who suffer from allergies. Unlike fabric window treatments, shutters don’t trap dust and pollen. For this reason alone, you might want to install shutters in every room in your home, not only your bedroom.

Sound AsleepMain bedroom with white shutters

Security shutters go one step further than decorative aluminium shutters. Extra security features make them a stylish alternative to traditional burglar bars.

Securing your property at night when you’re most vulnerable, is especially important. Particularly if you own a free-standing home. But you’ll sleep soundly if you invest in security shutters for your bedroom.

Security shutters protect your family and your possessions. And they add value to your property. Should you want to sell, they make your home more appealing to prospective buyers.

Our security shutters are as elegant and attractive as our decorative aluminium shutters. So you needn’t worry that bulky shutters will clash with the delicate style of your bedroom.

Add Extra Flair

Add an extra layer of elegance to your bedroom shutters and pair them with a set of breezy voile or net curtains. This creates a romantic effect and draws attention to your shutters.

Shutters with Net Curtains

Have we convinced you to invest in bedroom shutters? They provide the same benefits as blinds and curtains but have other advantages. And it’s clear that they score top marks for aesthetic appeal.

Next Steps

Once you’ve decided you want bedroom shutters, the next step to making your dreams a reality is to contact us. One of our sales consultants will meet with you to help you choose the right style of shutters for your bedroom.