White Shutters: Summer’s Perfect Window Treatment

White shutters are a year-round classic. But they’re even more impressive in a sweltering South African summer. So if you’re thinking of renovating your home or upgrading your window treatments for summer, here’s why they should be part of your plan.

Why choose white?

The louvres of a white shutter cast a shadow on a white wall

White shutters are iconic, but there are practical reasons for choosing them too. You might be tempted to match your shutters to your window frames, but in most cases, we recommend sticking with white.

  • White shutters are versatile

Like a blank canvas, white shutters give you the freedom to experiment with your personal style.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer bold colours, earthy tones or barely-there neutrals. White shutters never look out of place. And you can combine them with sheer or heavy curtains for a softer or more dramatic feel.

Even if you change your decor style from one season to the next, you’ll never have to change your window treatment.

  • White shutters are energy-efficient

It’s true. Shutters insulate your home in winter. And in summer, they reflect heat away from your windows. Reduce your reliance on power-hungry appliances. Install shutters to regulate your home’s temperature instead.

Shutters, like all window treatments, let you control light, airflow and privacy. You can direct light, heat and air where you want it when you want it by adjusting the louvres.

  • White shutters create space

It’s an optical illusion, but white shutters can make a room feel bigger and brighter. White reflects light which explains the effect, especially in smaller rooms.

Are They Hard to Keep Clean?

Worried your shutters will show up dirt or turn yellow from sun exposure? You needn’t. Both wood and aluminium shutters will keep their bright, clean aesthetic if you take care of them.

Primed and painted with specialist paint, our wooden shutters won’t crack, peel or discolour. Over time, the colour may fade a little. But with regular maintenance, this won’t be an issue.

Our aluminium shutters are powder-coated with marine-grade powder. This finish protects it from UV rays so your shutters will always look as good as the day we installed them.

Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom and Patio Shutters

Clean & Bright: White Kitchen Shutters

Families love gathering in a clean, bright kitchen to cook, eat or simply spend time together.

Our decorative aluminium shutters are well-adapted to withstand steamy, damp and wet conditions. Plus they add a practical elegance to what is a functional space.

Privacy & Luxury: White Bathroom Shutters

The bathroom is another space where aluminium shutters add both function and style. They provide complete privacy for those moments when you want to escape. And they’re steam- and splash resistant.

Recreate the atmosphere of your favourite spa by adding shutters. Add scented candles, put out fluffy towels, and add an extra dash of bubble bath – instant bliss.

Rest & Relaxation: White Bedroom Shutters

Shutters transform a bedroom into a sanctuary. The adjustable louvres give you complete control over light and airflow. So you can create the ideal atmosphere for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Another benefit of installing shutters in the bedroom is noise reduction. Adding a barrier between your room and the window reduces the ambient noise. Less noise will make it easier for you to fall asleep.

Indoor & Outdoor: White Patio Shutters

Enclosing your patio with either decorative aluminium or security shutters is smart.

First, with a cool space to retreat to, you’ll make more use of your patio in the summer. And in winter, you’ll have a sheltered area where you can bask in the sun and avoid the icy wind. That alone is priceless.

Second, it’s like adding an extra room to your home. Now you have extra space for entertaining guests or another place for the kids to play. Shutters will protect your outdoor furniture, so you don’t have to store it away when you’re not using it.

And third, shutters (white or otherwise) add real value to your home by increasing its market value. Your home also becomes more attractive to potential buyers.

Of all the window treatments you have to choose from, white shutters might seem rather plain. But they are versatile and practical yet sophisticated and elegant. A bit like the iconic little black dress of the fashion world.

Elements of a white shutter louvre, slats and panel

To add this instant icon to your home, contact us to arrange a consultation. We have branches in Johannesburg, Cape Town, George and Mbombela.  And with agents in Durban and Gqeberha, we supply the whole of Southern Africa with white shutters and other custom-made window treatments.