Winter Decor with Vine & Co Interiors

Inspired by how shutters insulate your home, we turned to one of our favourite interior designers for her thoughts on creating a cosy abode. Rene Fourie from Vine & Co Interiors in Cape Town shares her tips for adding warmth to your home this winter.

Rene says, ‘Winter is one of my favourite seasons and the secret to transitioning your decor is incorporating colours and textures that characterise the season.’

** Many of the items featured here are available for purchase on Vine & Co Interior’s website

Layers of Comfort – Throws and RugsSoft winter throw draped over bed

Woolly throws and blankets are a winter staple. Drape them over every surface, from the bedroom to the lounge, for an instant season update.

Carpets and rugs are another obvious technique for adding warmth to a space. Placing a runner in a tiled kitchen or down a passageway softens the look and feel of spaces that tend to be chilly.

Touchable Textures

Move the attention to your scatter cushions but swopping out summer textures (cool cottons and linens) for heavy winter textiles.

Bouclé (a heavy fabric made from looped yarns) is bang-on-trend right now. But velvet is the perfect alternative if you prefer smoother fabrics that still feel warm and indulgent. And Rene’s top tip is to combine ribbed cushions with a rich colour print for an opulent feel.

Ribbed cushions with a botanical print


Neutral vases Nice & Natural

Colour plays an important role in winter decor but you don’t always have to go bold. Earthy, neutral shades do a great job of setting the mood and creating a restful atmosphere. Take inspiration from nature and pick up on the muted greens, browns and mustard yellows of the vegetation around you. Use these colours in accent pieces such as vases, artwork and other decorative objects to draw attention and create a mood.


Let It GlowTable lamp with old-fashioned alarm clock and flowers in a bottle

Good lighting is essential in winter when the sun sets earlier. And it can lift your mood so don’t be afraid to invest in beautiful table lamps. An eye-catching design makes it a piece of art in addition to being functional and a great floor lamp can add a touch of drama to a room.


Diffuser on top of a pile of old books on a window sill

Sweet Scents

Scent can be a powerful trigger for emotions and memories. Use this to your advantage in the colder months and fill your home with comforting fragrances such as vanilla, cinnamon or anything that evokes a feeling of warmth and comfort.


Winter Feels

Winter can be a challenging season for those who dread the cold, but with the right decor, your home can be a haven of warmth and comfort. As Rene has demonstrated, all it takes is a few tweaks to your decor to create a comforting space to see you through the season.